Ressources : Articles et présentations de l’évènement Games + Learning + Society 2011

Games + Learning + Society Conference (GLS) est un événement annuel dédié aux questions entourant l’utilisation des jeux vidéo pour l’apprentissage. Organisé par l’Université du Wisconsin-Madinson, la rencontre GLS 7.0 s’est tenue du 15 au 17 juin dernier, sur le campus. Le 16 novembre, les organisateurs ont diffusé un document recensant les travaux de la rencontre, incluant les textes des présentations.

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Collection, Creation and Community: A Discussion on Collectible Card Games

Par Sonam Adinolf, Selen Turkay

Controlling Your Game Controls: Interface and Customization

Par Sonam Adinolf, Selen Turkay

The Seven Circumstances of Game-Based Learning (a Worked Example and an Invitation)

Par Dylan Arena

Research Results for Mecanika: A Game to Learn Newtonian Concepts

Par François Boucher-Genesse, Martin Riopel, Patrice Potvin

Reframing Interaction: Designing for Disciplinary Participation

Par Lisa Brahms, Ben Chang, Nian-Shing Chen, Ming-Puu Chen, Hao-Jan Howard Chen

Modeling but NOT Measuring Engagement in Computer Games

Par Mark Chen, Beth E. Kolko, Elisabeth Cuddihy, Eliana Medina

Bio-Gaming: Videogames as Tool to Teach Cell Biology

Par Javier A. Corredor

The Lost Binder: Communicating Ethnographic Research With Games

Par Raphael D’Amico

Urban Game Design as a Tool for Creativity, Collaboration, and Learning Among Youth

Par Ingrid Erickson, Joan Ganz, LeAnne Wagner, Hillary Kolos, Kan Yang Li

Critical Gameplay Gone Critically Wrong: Third World Shooter

Par Lindsay Grace

Game Design for Cultural Studies: An Experiential Approach to Critical Thinking

Par Sabine Harrer

Gaming, World Building, and Narrative: Using Role-playing Games to Teach Fiction Writing

Par Trent Hergenrader

Racing Games for Exploring Kinematics: A Computational Thinking Approach

Par Nathan R. Holbert

Tug-of-War: a Card Game for Pulling Students to Fractions Fluency

Par Osvaldo Jiménez, Dylan Arena, Ugochi Acholonu

Games for Learning in Embodied Mixed-Reality Environments: Principles and Results

Par Mina C. Johnson-Glenberg, Tatyana Koziupa, David Birchfield, Kyle Li

Insights into Learning Offered by the Dispositions of Second-Generation “Newbie” Gamers

Par Shawna K. Kelly

Writing the Games-Based Dissertation

Par Shawna Kelly, Moses Wolfenstein, Mark Chen, Shira Chess, Cynthia D’Angelo, Todd Harper

Space Vector: A Videogame to Teach Introductory Physics

Par Eric Keylor, Shauna Sweet

Promoting Human Rights while Polarizing Political Perceptions with a Serious Game

Par Elias Klemperer, Richard LeDonne, Erik Nilsen

Information Literacy and Online Reading Comprehension: Two Interconnected Practices

Par Crystle Martin, Constance Steinkuehler

Conflict Resolution with a Serious Game for Peace

Par Erik Nilsen, Richard LeDonne, Elias Klemperer & Seth Olund

A Data-Driven Taxonomy of Undergraduate Student Videogame Enjoyment

Par John M. Quick, Robert K. Atkinson

Simulating Failure: Why Simulations Don’t Always Work

Par Carlton Reeve

The Challenge of Assessing Learning in Open Games: HORTUS as a Case Study

Par Dr. Franziska Spring, Dr. James W. Pellegrino

Let Me Know When She Stops Talking: Using Games for Learning Without Colonizing Play

Par Constance Steinkuehler, Elizabeth King, Esra Alagoz, Gabriella Anton, Sarah Chu, Jonathan Elmergreen, Danielle Fahser-Herro, Shannon Harris, Crystle Martin, Amanda Ochsner, Yoonsin Oh, V. Elizabeth

Owen, David Simkins, Caroline Williams, & Bei Zhang

Mixed Methods to Study Games and Learning

Par Constance Steinkuehler, Elizabeth King, Crystle Martin, Yoonsin Oh, Sarah Chu, Caroline Williams, Amanda Ochsner, Shannon Harris, V. Elizabeth Owen, Gabriella Anton, & Jonathan Elmergreen

Enabling Educators to Customize the Game Environment

Par Mark Stenerson, William Schneller, Eve Syrkin Wurtele

High-Resolution Feedback using Tactile Semaphores

Par Reza Taghavi


Articles courts :


Par Lindsay Grace

Critical Gameplay: Art Games in Instruction

Par Lindsay Grace

Music Box: Emergent Behavior

Par Lindsay Grace

Polyglot Cubed

Par Lindsay Grace

Bank-It: A Mobile Financial Literacy Game

Par Marquina M. Iliev-Piselli, Cameron L. Fadjo, Joey J. Lee

Curatorial Statement for Games+Learning+Society Art Exhibition

Par Arnold Martin

Fantasy Defense

Par Arnold Martin

Wiki for Designing Games at Summer Camp

Par Evgeny Patarakin, Boris Yarmakhov

Play to Order: What Huizinga Has to Say about Gamification

Par Cody Reimer



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